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Are you looking for competence in commercialisation in the pharmaceutical industry? You have come to the right place! As an agile and success-oriented company, we have:

  • A slim structure that leaves space for creative and unconventional solutions;
  • Comprehensive knowledge of the pharmaceutical market (Rx, OTC, complementary medicine);
  • A wide network of partners with many synergistic effects;
  • Good personal contacts with decision-makers;
  • An extraordinary market and customer proximity; and
  • The option of processing the Swiss market in a targeted manner with few resources.



Founder and owner


Urs Roelli, business owner


I have learned all about the pharmaceutical market from its very basics, precisely where it is happening: at the customers' sites; in the doctors' practices; in the hospitals; and in the pharmacies and drug stores.


I spent more than 25 years collecting experience in many different disciplines and functions:

  • Since February 2018, Founder and owner of UR Health GmbH;
  • Sales Manager International, Iscador AG;
  • Commercial Manager Switzerland, Almirall;
  • Deputy Managing Director, Homöopharm AG;
  • Sales Manager National, first in the OTC and later in the Rx area, Vifor Pharma;
  • Key-Account-Manager and Scientific Education Manager, Allergan Ophtalmologie Switzerland;
  • Pharmaceutical advisor, later Regional Sales Manager, Galenica branches;
  • Chemist in various drug stores.


Due to my career, I not only know the needs of the individual target groups very well, but also have a good network and maintain close contact throughout the pharmaceutical market.

I have always linked experience from my everyday life with theoretical knowledge, in particular in the areas of business management and sales. Most recently, I expanded my previous practical knowledge in marketing and communication in a master's course of studies «EMBA in Marketing Management» at the University of Bern.

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