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Pharmaceutical company for integrative medicine


Helixor relies on our comprehensive offer in national and international sales, as well as sale of mistletoe and Christmas rose preparation.




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Production and marketing of complementary-medical products


As an ambassador and sales partner, we represent Spagyros with its comprehensive product range (homeopathy; phytotherapy; spagyrics; Gemmo; mother tinctures) in the Swiss medical channel.




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Marketing, sales and distribution partner for innovative and natural healthcare products


For VitaCura, we represent the Lactobact range among Swiss doctors. We can act as a sounding board for your ideas to support the young enterprise in strategic and operative issues.




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UR Health
  • “No matter if we need a sounding board or a partner for representation: UR Health always offers practical support. We speak the same language in many respects and are therefore able to get to the point quickly.”

    Stephanie Rüdin, managing director of VitaCura AG

  • “Thanks to the market and customer proximity of UR Health, we were able to develop sales area-comprehensively and very quickly in Switzerland.”

    Raffaele Costantini, managing director of Helixor Heilmittel GmbH

  • “Our sales partnership with UR Health was a lucky find that was certainly not owed to coincidence. The man behind the company is Urs Roelli, who learned his craft from the very basics. UR Health acts as an ambassador of Spagyros AG in holistically oriented doctors.”

    Jacqueline Ryffel, managing director of Spagyros